Monday, 2 January 2017

14 Recess Panelling ideas for your dream kitchen

Making your kitchen colourful not only limits to cabinet fronts, wall painting and floors, you’ll be amazed what a recess panelling can do. The nature of their practicality and the wide range of choices have made recess panelling trendier than the backsplash tiles. It allows for an individual and personalised look to your kitchen. Besides, it matches the d├ęcor of the worktops to give an overall harmonious appeal.

Choose from 14 evocative glass recess panels with optional back lighting to liven up your kitchen. It’s time to bring emotions into your kitchen.

1. Birch forest

2. Blueberry

3. Cups

4. Forks

5. Herbs

6.  Pepper

7. Lemon

8. Ice Cube

9. Espresso

10. Lavender

11. Kiwi

12. Beach

13. Tomato

14. Orange

Make your dream kitchen fun and colourful with these come alive backgrounds.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

The Countertop Arguments

11 kitchen countertops that make a statement.

Countertops are like swing voters. They may or may not pledge allegiance to the kitchen in question but are often the reason why you go for one.

A countertop never gets caught up in long drawn decisions.

You’ll know it is the one when you see it.

Countertops are distinct and subtle, eco-friendly, flamboyant and functional, immediate and timeless.

Will it be Cognac or Armagnac? When it comes to choosing your kitchen, the countertop makes all the difference.

Ask the ardent baker and you’ll hear profound truths like how nothing is as lovely to knead on as marble. A stone like white marble, however, is not for everybody especially if you are a perfectionist. A connoisseur will appreciate the natural way stone scratches over time, takes on stains from wine spills, and dulls authentically, a little by little. A perfectionist will not.

Whether you choose stone, glass, stainless steel or solid-core, Nolte countertops are ultra-versatile. It is also possible to choose the thickness of your countertop: 40mm, 50mm, 25mm or 12mm.

Then of course there is the romance of wood. Available in oak, driftwood, walnut and limed wood.

1. Glass top in a Glass Tec Satin Kitchen

2. The quartz grey glass countertop featured here in the Nova Lack kitchen.

3. The impressive 50mm thick granite countertop, seen here in Neo Chalet.

4. The Beton, concrete stone countertop in the Stone kitchen.

5. Carisma Lack with a Stainless Steel countertop

6. A sophisticated Steel countertop

7. Natural bough oak countertop

8. The extremely robust, 12mm solid core countertop standing out through its extremely fine appearance with a black core emphasizing the contours.

9.  The Cement Anthracite countertop featured here with the Portland kitchen.

10. Artwood Feel in a Walnut Cuba countertop

11. Driftwood countertop in an Alpha Lack kitchen

Thursday, 22 December 2016

10 Inspiring White Kitchen Designs

White kitchen expressions. White kitchens are about love at first sight.

They are harmony in design, working to impress from the very first glance. Down to the last detail. White is harmony, white is luxury. White is always in style.

The most important test for a kitchen, White or otherwise is to live up to modern-day life in the long-term. Well-planned functionality, aesthetics and high quality finishing go on to make a Nolte kitchen what it is - not just a kitchen.

Ranging from classic to contemporary here are 10 inspiring White kitchen designs, handpicked for you.

1. Timeless and classic, yet ensconced with the latest in technology. White Elegance.

2. High Gloss White with warm Artwood, creating an abundance of space for open living in the kitchen. With the panel wall, you can create the kitchen you need - a new design for every day.

3. Nolte kitchens make it easy to adjust the carcase height to the user’s requirements. Cosy in White. With enough storage space for all your needs. The Linea kitchen in White softmatt.

4. The Glass Tec Satin kitchen, exclusive and exquisite in White.

5. The Stone Beton kitchen as your very own Mediterranean corner. Designed for cooking and enjoying Sunday brunches.

6. There’s no such thing as too much white. The Feel kitchen in White Softmatt.

7. The very modern and stylish Carisma Lack kitchen in White Softmatt with a beautiful, timeless old building as the setting.  Wall units turn eye-catchers in a room that exudes character and comfort. Practical plinth drawers offer additional storage to elegantly accommodate kitchen utensils.

8. The Glass Tec Plus kitchen, showing how to accentuate White and not lose any of its charm, combining High Gloss White and Oak Smoky Silver. A place for leisure and friends.

9. Warm Artwood and High Gloss White combining to make the kitchen the heart of your home.

10. The kitchen as the place that radiates expanse and freedom, creating an abundance of space for open living in the kitchen. With elegant interior lighting in the drawers and pull-outs. The Soft Lack kitchen combining Arctic White Softmatt and Quartz Grey effortlessly.

Monday, 5 December 2016

16 Colour Inspirations for Your Kitchen

Colour is the most exciting part that most of us enjoy choosing. Since kitchen is the hub of day to day activities, it’s ideal to make it as interesting as any room in the house. Of late, the kitchen has shrugged off its neutral image and embraced strong colour, a change that signals the transformation of kitchen from a mundane look to an individualistic uplifting space. So take yours from bland to bold with a hearty serving of colours inspired by our favourite colourful kitchen fronts.

Blueberry: It’s a deep, intensive colour, neither heavy nor overpowering. It’s inspired by the delicious blueberry and it’s a special and unique colour. This hue is perfect when you want a light, airy-feeling kitchen that isn't all white. For instance: The hint of blueberry soft matte front in the Frame Lack kitchen makes it look appealing instead of a grey monochrome.
Recommendation: Combine this shade with light shades and wood hues.

Blueberry hue in a Frame Lack kitchen

Lagoon: It radiates calm and peacefulness, relaxed and harmonious, but never boring. It is inspired by the unmistakable atmosphere and unique light of a lagoon. The Soft Lack kitchen has a blend of blueberry, lagoon, emerald, opal, papyrus grey, quartz grey and arctic white hues on its cabinet front that balances a plain white hue kitchen.
Recommendation: Combine this shade with lighter shades of grey and wood.

The colourful Soft Lack kitchen

Emerald: A colour with shadows, depth and elegance. Originally from the glittering world of fashion, this colour has made it into the home. And it‘s going to stay for the next few years.
Recommendation: Combine this shade with white and light shades of grey.

Opal: A colour that unites harmony and calm like no other. It is inspired by the precious opal gemstone that reflects clarity, openness and vastness in its own special, inimitable way. The intensity of emerald requires subtle highlighting. Consider the Opal soft matte front in the Frame Lack kitchen, it makes the space look homely and imbues subtlety.
Recommendation: Combine this characteristic colour with neutral tones and wood finishes.

Frame Lack kitchen with Opal matte front

Arctic white: A colour that radiates unconditional freshness and a subtle restraint. It is inspired by the monochrome beauty of the Arctic and the mostly ice-covered Arctic Ocean. You can steal this look from our Trend Lack high gloss arctic white front and Soft Lack emerald soft matte front kitchen.
Recommendation: You can combine this shade with lots of woods and almost any colour.

Arctic white in Soft Lack kitchen

Papyrus grey: A reduced colour with an innovative radiance that can form and define rooms. It is inspired by architecture and ergonomics.
Recommendation: You can combine this shade with lots of woods and almost any colour. Papyrus grey subtly underscores the expressiveness of the combined colour.

Papyrus grey on the front of Florenz kitchen

Quartz grey: A colour with an elegant appeal that provides a timeless setting for a wide range of interiors. Inspired by the mineral quartz, which is initially completely transparent, but captured inside the stone looks elegantly grey.
Recommendation: Combine this shade with strong, warm colours or entirely neutral tones.

Quartz grey in a Lyon kitchen

White: It is pure neutrality without being too cold. It can be an exciting highlight, or the essence of it all. White is endless. White is the perfect platform for warm shades of wood.
Recommendation: The brightest of all colours can be used universally, and is the perfect base in every respect or the finished design.

White with Papyrus grey front in a Carisma Lack kitchen

Sahara: A colour for all those who find white too neutral, and a shade like magnolia which is too yellow. It is inspired by the colours of the rocks and sand of the Sahara.
Recommendation: Combine this shade with warm colours.

Sahara hue in a Frame Lack kitchen

Lava: A colour that is an impressive addition to our palette of neutral natural shades. It draws its inspiration from the rough beauty of unspoilt landscapes, the strength of nature.
Recommendation: Combine this shade with Arctic white and Sahara or enhance Lava with colour highlights.

Lava hue in a Soft Lack kitchen

Magnolia: A soft colour that is equally suitable for large areas and small rooms. It communicates versatility, openness and friendliness. It is inspired by the magnolia, which is often used for decorative purposes because of its flower. Magnolia becomes the basis for highlighting with impressive woods.
Recommendation: You can combine this open shade with lots of woods and colours.

Magma: A colour that radiates warmth, well-being and an atmosphere of security. Inspired by the fascinating colour play of the molten rock that moves deep within, hidden from sight.
Recommendation: Combine this classic shade with warm, modern colours such as paprika and rose hip or with white.

Magma front in Soft Lack kitchen

Paprika: A colour that adds a distinct highlight and can also be used to redefine a room. Inspired by the pepper, it’s the colourfulness and the associations that go with it.
Recommendation: Combine this shade with feel-good colours such as magma or light shades of wood.

Red hue in a Trend Lack kitchen

Rose hip: A warm colour that creates a homely ambience. Understated, and yet expressive. It draws its inspiration from the rose hip and the richness of its colour. Our Windsor Lack kitchen is the most colourful kitchen with a combination from Rose hip hue to Lava matte.
Recommendation: Combine this shade with elegant shades of wood and grey or highlight with shades such as opal, emerald and lagoon.

Rose hip front in a Windsor Lack kitchen

Curry: It’s a warm colour that creates a pleasant, sunny atmosphere. It takes its inspiration from the rich yellow of the spice that provides the perfect finishing touch to so many dishes. Our Nova Lack kitchen has a combination of high gloss white and high gloss curry front that instills a harmonious look.
Recommendation: Combine this shade for instance, with expressive wood shades or simply with white.

Curry front in a Nova Lack kitchen

Saffron: A colour that makes rooms glow. It is inspired by the “Gold of the Orient”, as saffron is rightly called so. The intensive colour of saffron is almost without compare.
Recommendation: Contrast this shade with cool white or the colour magma.

White, Magnolia, Sahara, Lava, Magma, Curry, Saffron, Paprika, Rose hip all display warmth, comfort and harmony and a passion for highlighting.

Deep blue Carisma Lack kitchen 

Arctic white, Papyrus grey, Quartz grey, Opal, Emerald, Lagoon, Blueberry are the new old desire for authenticity, skilled craftsmanship and tradition.

Rosso hue in a Sigma Lack kitchen

These warm and cool colours open up an unlimited range of possibilities for harmonious designs. Follow your personal taste and choose from the pairs of shades. To achieve a striking atmosphere, combine your coloured fronts with wood decors. Colour makes life in the kitchen more beautiful, richer and more individual. Nolte’s new colour concept will help you find just the right combination to make your kitchen unique.